Baby Clothing

In a shop or on the Internet, you can quickly fall for baby clothes and empty your wallet! But a new baby wardrobe can quickly become expensive when you know how much you’ll have to renew it regularly. Many parents have understood this and are now turning to buying second-hand baby clothes.

A baby’s wardrobe is ephemeral!

If we adults keep our clothes from one year to the next, this is not the case for our children. Indeed, a child and what’s more a baby, it grows up and quickly! We have to renew their wardrobe very often because the clothes quickly become too small. In addition, a child is more likely to spoil his clothes by getting stains from paint, carrots or rolling on the floor. Things that, at our age, happen to us much more rarely! For all these reasons, a child’s wardrobe is said to be “ephemeral”, so there is no point in investing too much money in clothes that will only be worn a few times.

Buying second-hand baby clothes is to save money!

A baby, and what’s more, a first baby in a family, can quickly become expensive! Clothes represent a major expense in the childcare budget because you will have to buy them regularly. Yes, a baby grows quickly and unlike an adult, he will not wear the same clothes for months and years! Luckily, second-hand clothes are part of baby’s second-hand purchases that do not present any risks! Think of all the savings you’ll make by buying used clothing! If you are reluctant to have your child wear clothes from a child you don’t know, remember that clothing is very easy to machine wash!

Second-hand baby clothes are in good condition or even new!

We tend to forget it, but when it comes to used baby clothes, it is very common to find clothes that are completely new and still labelled! The reasons why this often happens are often the same: we received or bought too many clothes at birth, our baby was born bigger than expected etc. It is not uncommon that a baby never wears birth clothes or that a one month old baby wears clothes in size 3 months! During the first months, a baby also sleeps a lot so he will be more comfortable in nice pyjamas.

Second-hand baby clothes are not necessarily out of fashion!

It often happens that at the flea markets, you have to rummage through mountains of children’s clothing. Clothes that are not all in good condition and may have spent years in an attic. Unfortunately, this is what damages the reputation of second-hand clothes. It can be tempting to get rid of clothes in average condition to make room and collect a few pennies, but these will have better place in a clothing dumpster than on the second-hand market. If they are resold quickly, second-hand clothes are still very fashionable. If chosen carefully, a second-hand garment can look just as good as a garment you would have bought in a store a few days ago.

Buying used clothing is to be able to buy big-name brands at low prices!

By buying second-hand, you can buy clothes that are worth more! Attention, I do not say that it is necessary to buy clothes of big brands or creators to dress well it is child, far from there! If clothes are more expensive it is often because of the brand image but maybe because of a more ethical way of manufacturing, a higher quality or simply because of more ephemeral collections. Buying second-hand can therefore allow you to offer your child clothes that you would never have been able to buy new!